>First Post in First Blog

>Now, do I actually have anything to say? I’m not sure why my thoughts or opinions would be of interest to anyone but myself, but who knows?

Right now, I am very distressed with the state of the world, from political, environmental and just about every other angle there is. But I am trying to live peacefully, with kindness and concern for others, being positive, giving that smile to everyone I see……….attempting to do my very tiny part in making the world a better place. I really think that if we all could just be pleasant to those around us, strangers or not, it would help. I also think that the internet can bring people closer. Everyone talks about the isolation of the cyber-world, but when you meet people on the web, judging of looks, dress, color, accents, doesn’t come into play, and the need for the silly small-talk we usually do when meeting someone just isn’t necessary. We can just dive right in to the subject at hand, discussing Buddhism, politics, gardening, war, whatever. I really like that, and I believe that the more we can have a dialog with people we would never normally meet, we can break down barriers and just get to know each other as fellow human beings.

That’s a lot of pontificating for a first post in a first blog, so I’m done for tonight.

2 thoughts on “>First Post in First Blog

  1. Hi, I hope the festive season finds you well. I’m not good at catching a story in the middle, so I’ve decided to start right at the beginning. Please don’t feel pressured into responding to any comments I might make as I go through your posts, I’m fully aware that this is the festive season and people are off doing other things. I’m Sydney by the way. Syd for short.

  2. Happy to meet you, Syd. If you seriously are going to read through my rambles, you will see how much sameness there is to chronic illness. Gets old fast, and I try to maintain some humor to go along with the angst about it. I was really, really ill for most of this year, and I think the depression caused by this is reflected in some of my angrier posts. I am nothing, if not opinionated, it seems, too. Thanks for reading my blog, and especially, thanks for commenting. I get very few comments. Good thing I’m not in this for the money, cause there wouldn’t be any.

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