Another Opinion

Made your day, didn’t I?


I have stood on the edge of the cliff, and it is a looooong way down, people. There’s a train track down there, too.


The last sentence in this article bothers me.  I’m for greening, but not for turning natural wonders into pseudo theme-parks.  The fires in Colorado, where I grew up, informed me about amusement parks and such in Estes Park and at the Royal Gorge Bridge.  The Park is just lovely nature, and the bridge used to be the highest suspension bridge in the world (may still be. IDEK) and if you’ve ever stood on the edge of the Gorge and looked down, or been on the bridge, the ideal of needing an amusement part to attract people is ludicrous, and these things get in the way of just appreciating nature.  It’s about nature, people.  Otherwise, it’s just another way to make money out of something that should be open and available to all, unsullied by man and his greed.  /Rant.

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