I just read this article about Alan Turing, the man who broke the Enigma Code.

Alan Turing

I’d already known about him and his life, but it still made me sad. Sad and angry and puzzled. If Jesus taught ‘love your neighbor as yourself’, why then does modern Christianity seem to preach only hate?. How then are they Christians? Christian implies New Testament. You know, Christians, followers of Christ?  Christianity seems to be all about selective reading of the Old Testament to find the things they can use to persecute people who are not like them. I am despondent, I’ve realized. I’ve seen very little in the local elections that tell me what the candidate stands for, hopes to achieve, wants to work on. I only see how awful the other candidate is. What is wrong with my country? I voted already via absentee ballot, so I am not watching the debates or anything else I can avoid relating to the election. But it’s hard to miss without completely going off the grid. It is really, really depressing, upsetting, frightening.

I know I am somewhat depressed because of the increased pain that decreasing the Prednisone is causing, but I didn’t really recognize how depressed I am over the stinking bag of shit my country has become. Pardon my French, which brings me to the question of why French? Why not pardon my Swedish, or my English, or my Yugoslavian, or even my Klingon? Anybody know?

So something that mildly cheered me follows:

‘Gay Gestapo’

Seriously, is this man just a complete freaking moron? Why yes. Yes he is.

Also, there is this:

Women For Romney?????


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