I am. Much less pain yesterday. Actually went out for coffee and some shopping with my friend Tess, and didn’t completely collapse from pain. Yay, me. I actually bought some lovely fresh veggies. Now I’m hoping for the energy to actually prep and cook them. Tess offered to chop an onion for me, or cut up the broccoli. We became ever so slightly hysterical in Shaw’s, laughing over ‘onion emergency’ and ‘broccoli alert’. We are very entertaining….to ourselves, anyway. We were on the phone the other day and she said her hubbies was standing there circling a finger by his head. You know, crazy. LOL

It’s been gorgeous the past couple of days, but I think the yukkyness is going to ramp up over the weekend. Not looking forward to that. Soupy air is soupy, and unpleasant.

Really, really hoping for energy and motivation enough to get something done today. Fell asleep on the couch sometime last night, I don’t even remember, and woke up at 3:30 am or so, feeling fine. Was up all night AGAIN the night before. I can’t fight the sleep issues anymore, and I hate taking the knock-out pill. It’s bad for my liver, and it doesn’t always work. I already take two other ‘bad for my liver’ meds, one being extra-strength excedrin, the only pain pill that actually works at all, so I’m not going to take something that doesn’t always work, unless I’m desperate to sleep because I have to be up at a certain time for whatever reason. Meanwhile, I’m just going with the flow. Sleep when I’m sleepy, don’t when I’m not. Makes for an interesting schedule, let me tell you. ‘smile’ Poor Gertrude never knows what’s going on, but she at least doesn’t bug me to feed her like Simon used to. He would walk around my head and over my body to wake me up. He’s a lot like Simon’s Cat from the videos. It could be Simon THE Cat, but it’s not. LOL

Simon with flashed-out eyes. I really miss him. Gertrude is a sweetie, but she’s not him. She’s much too polite.

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