Well, people. (Are you still out there, people?) I have been rather miserable and withdrawn for the past week or so, every day feeling worse than the day before. Guess what? It’s allergies. Allergies were making me miserable. Not sneezing or the normal allergy stuff, but headachy, dizzy, very very tired, and closed down. Allergies. Who knew? Taking allergy pills now, and feeling much, much better. If only there was a pop-up in the brain to let us know what is causing things, life would be so much easier. You know. Something like:
“Windows (your brain) has detected a problem with the operating system. To repair (This info would NEVER pop up in the real Windows) see your doctor for allergy medication”, or thyroid medicine, or whatever will fix whatever is wrong. But no. We are forced to suffer, guess, or trek to the doctor’s with an ‘I don’t know what’s wrong, I just feel terrible.’

Anyway, I am hoping to get back to more regular blogging. We may have had a moment of unity over Bin Laden’s demise, but that doesn’t mean the battles are over. The Republicans still have their ‘do in the poor folks so they’ll just disappear and we can have everything for ourselves’ agenda, and the Democrats are still caving left and right instead of standing up for what is right for the citizens they are supposed to represent. See? I’m better. A little anger coming back. It’s a good thing.

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