>Happy Thanksgiving

>I am home on my own today, but will be celebrating with friends in a few days. It’s another gray day, but 51 degrees, so while it looks winterish, it doesn’t feel that way. I’ve been remembering past holidays, when I would have gotten up early to start preparing the turkey and the rest of the meal. Thanksgiving is all about the food. Traditional dishes from both families combined in a meal of new traditions. His family always had Waldorf Salad and green chili salsa. Mine always had candied sweet potatoes (NO marshmallows, thank you very much) and my father’s special baked beans baked with bacon strips on top. Yum does not describe it. I made up my own stuffing recipe, with all the things I like in it. Things like celery and walnuts and apples. It was good, and the prep of the dishes was fun. Do I miss it? Sometimes. I miss the family time, the smells of turkey cooking and candles burning.

Before we moved to New England, we always had two holiday dinners every Thanksgiving, and every Christmas. First at my parents’ house for mid-day dinner, then to his parents’ house for a late dinner. His family lived in a very small house, but a lot of extended family came for dinner, so it was always very noisy and crowded and fun.

Being ill takes some of the sting out of being alone, I think. If I was healthy, I would probably be bemoaning my fate, or else I would be having my own Thanksgiving with anyone I could find to come over and share dinner with. Now I really love going to my friends’ house and spending the time with their extended family. Before there were small children to contend with, we used to play games after dinner and get pretty rowdy playing them. Pit comes to mind. Yelling, banging on the table, laughing hysterically. Or Trivial Pursuit. My kind of fun. Now we are more subdued, but still have a great time. I’m fortunate to have good friends who include me in their celebrations.

I think today I will see if there are any marathons on tv, and if not, I have my new DVDs and Babylon Five from Netflix to watch. Or I will just play on here and read fan fic. There is a LOT of fan fic. I also have leftover Chinese food to eat. I hope everyone has a lovely day.

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