>The stickies have arrived. Very humid today and yesterday. Still not much sun, however. This is a strange summer. We are about to break the record for the grayest June ever. I’ve had a headache off and on, I think it’s allergy related.

I’m looking for ideas for easy meals. Things not involving much prep. I tend to get tired in the middle and mess up things or try to skip steps, etc. I do a lot of ‘open box, eat contents’ type food. I really need some good ideas for easy but healthy things to eat. Anyone? What do YOU eat for breakfast? For lunch? For dinner?

3 thoughts on “>Help

  1. >Easiest thing: cut up a bunch of veggies, cook up some meat, and when you get hungry just grab some of both and add to, say, Ramen Noodles (w/out the seasoning and they take like 3 minutes to make) and toss in some olive oil and spices. You can add hard-boiled eggs, too, for variety.Oatmeal for breakfast, or cereal w/ some fruit. Banana w/ peanut butter.

  2. >Well, it did work, and i still have the cute template. I usually have fage, grapenuts, and a splash of maple surple for breakfast, but the rest of the day is up for grabs. I am terrible at having shopping done for me. Being a visual person, I need to see the food to remember about it. Never tried Ramen Noodles, maybe I will. yomama

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