>Here are sources I based my warning on. The last one has their TOS. I know my blog is nothing special, so I was really pleased when I got the initial email, thinking “Gee, someone must see something of value here, that I’m not aware of.” But I always research anything that comes along, and I’m glad I did. I don’t think more than four people–two of them my children–actually read my blog anyway. How valuable a resource can it be? You decide, dear readers.







1 thought on “>Wellsphere

  1. >I apologize for the shock that might come with this post, but I believe that I am your niece. My father is James Barton Gage, Jr., whom I believe is your brother? Please let me know if I am correct, as I have been searching for a connection to his side of the family for 20 years. Thank you!

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